Youth Forward scholarship summer 2016 – Here to Help

Name: Srihari Iyer
From: Scottsdale, Arizona
Grade: 11th
School: BASIS Scottsdale
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to Help

My Name is Srihari Iyer and I am a senior at BASIS Scottsdale high
school. About 3 year ago, I realized that one of the main things I
wanted to do was help people.

I began volunteering at small events, food banks such as St. Mary’s
Food Bank, donating to food and book drives, and taking part in
events to raise money for the homeless and the underprivileged. I
joined as a volunteer at the library when they needed volunteers,
working throughout the school year to organize the books and hold
events. I volunteered twice a week, for 2 hour shifts. I chose to
volunteer at the library and take part in various food drives because
I wanted to help people and give back to the society that I was a
budding member of.

Last year, my father had a health complication, which was the first major
family emergency for us and the doctors and nurses helped us through
it and reassured us. I have been in a situation where the help and
confidence of the positive environment and people around me helped me
get through the unwanted complication that had arisen. I believed
that as a volunteer, I could make even the slightest difference to a
family and I could make sure that everyone is not stressed out and
that there is an air of positivity, conquering my biggest challenge.
I volunteer two days for 5 hours daily to learn about the inner
workings of the hospital, and bring positivity to the hospital by
doing whatever it is to help. My responsibilities include taking
flowers or gifts to patients, discharging patients, and helping
people navigate through the campus.

I volunteered to give back and contribute to society. Most recently, I
started taking part in a program known as Smiles for Soldiers, to
make cards for Soldiers so that they are happy and do not miss home.
I am making cards for them to express my gratitude towards the
Soldiers who took a risk for us. I have dedicated myself to make sure
their efforts and valor does not go unnoticed and that they know that
we honor them for all that they are doing.

In my life I hope to do three things: help others, improve the current
state and change the overall paradigm for the better in a way that
ensures further success. With all these volunteering opportunities to
give back to society and contribute, I have not only been able to
gain experience, but accomplish all of my personal goals, giving me
satisfaction. I believe that I can make a difference, not only in my
life but in others’ as well with these actions, and looking back on
it in a few years, I may not see a huge change on a large scale, but
I would have helped individuals, bring them happiness and
reassurance, fostering positivity in all of them.

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