College is more expensive than ever, especially in California. After the budget cuts enacted by the legislature, even public universities such as the flagship University of California at Berkeley and University of California at Los Angeles are almost out of reach of the middle class, as are our community colleges and the quality California state system, such as San Francisco State University. Today’s high school seniors and even those who are already enrolled in colleges here in the Golden State are always on the lookout for new opportunities to earn scholarship money.

Helping California via Online Drivers Training and More

As the leading website for online drivers education in California, we hear frequently of the struggles of young people today in terms of their learning environment. Learning how to drive, which is something that in the 1960s was very inexpensive, has become quite expensive today, especially the required behind the wheel training. You may listen to your parents who wax poetic at how when they learned to drive it was as simple as their parents teaching them, and it was done. Of course, the beauty of the online environment is that it can make at least that part of the driving experience cost-effective.

But how can we make it more easier for a deserving high school senior or college student to go to, or stay in college in California? No one can do it all, but our Youth Forward scholarship program is a small but significant step that we are taking to support deserving people who are college bound.California Education Opportunities

Our brand identity here at DMV EDU.or is increasingly one about “giving back.” We support deserving charities and nonprofits throughout California with our 10% giveback program. In this spirit, our Youth Forward scholarship rewards volunteerism. We all know that volunteerism is increasingly important in American society, and, in fact, has deep historical roots in this nation that owes its founding to the Minutemen. In this way, our scholarship hopes to reward a few deserving young people for their commitments to the spirit of volunteerism. If you are already volunteering and supporting your community, our hats go off to you!

If, in addition, you would like to apply to this contest, please do so. Of course, it will be competitive! We have only limited funds available to do our small parts to help a deserving young person go to, or stay in, college in California. But every little bit counts! Please take a look at the application page, and take that time to submit an application. You never know: you may be selected.

Applying Will Help You Think

However, let’s say that you are not selected for this deserving scholarship. That doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve it, it just means that very limited funds will be available. However, writing down what you are volunteering for and why you are volunteering is a good mental exercise. You are at that stage of your life in which you are deciding who you are going to become as a person. When you set off to college, or if you are already in college, you will be making important life choices. Of course it’s important to choose a good career, one that will make you money. But it is also important to choose some social causes in which you will be active. These might be a religious group, it might be something that helps the poor or needy, it might be something that is completely political, or it might be something that helps the environment. Who knows? There are millions of deserving causes out there!

Supporting a Better California through Education

In sum, we want to support a better California. One way to do that is to support better drivers through online drivers education. Another way to do that is to support deserving charities and nonprofits. And a third way to do that is to support deserving students who are, to be platitudinous, the future of California.