Los Angeles, California – May 29, 2016. DmvEdu.org, a top-rated provider of driver’s education online for California residents at https://www.dmvedu.org/, is proud to announce that it has selected the winners in its ‘Youth Forward’ scholarship and essay contest. The Youth Forward scholarship seeks to reward a commitment to volunteerism among young people close to driving age (whether older or younger). To apply, applicants needed to submit an essay of less than 500 words in Microsoft Word format. Questions to be answered in the essay included the area chosen for volunteer service, the hours per week, the biggest challenge, the most satisfying experience, and what has been learned by the volunteer engagement.

“We were truly humbled by the essay submissions, and not just from big California cities like Los Angeles, Santa Clara, San Diego or Bakersfield, but from all over the United States,” explained Azhar Mirza, Managing Director of DmvEdu.org. He continued, “It was very difficult to select the winning essay and runner-up, and we encouraged interested persons to read the essays online, as many are incredibly inspirational.”Online Drivers Education

To browse essays submitted for the scholarship, please visit https://www.dmvedu.org/scholarship/?bm=1271. There, in addition to the winning essays, California teens can also click over to the ‘online drivers education course’ to learn more about fulfilling the written requirements to obtain a drivers license in California. (DmvEdu.org is a provider of online drivers education in California).

Winning Essays of Youth Forward Scholarship

The winning award went to Alissa Edgington of Schertz Texas, for her volunteer work at The Academy at Morgan’s Wonderland. Runner-up went to Marcus Josey of York, PA, for his inspirational work as a role model vis-a-vis high risk Acut Lyphoblastic Leukemia.

DmvEdu.org instituted the ‘Youth Forward’ scholarship opportunity as part of a broad philanthropic thrust for the company. In addition to providing some of the best online drivers education available in California, the company differentiates itself through its ‘Charity’ program. Persons signing up for online drivers education classes can opt to give 10% of their purchase to a non-profit. Eligible non-profits include both California and non-California organizations. More information can be found at the website by clicking on the ‘charity’ tab.

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