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Driving For Tomorrow

Name: Taylor Jones
From: Port Arthur, Texas
Votes: 12

Having Knowledge and fear of dangerous highways is something that
every driver should have. Driving an automobile is a strategic action
because when you put your car in gear, you’re putting your life in
gear as well. Driving is a privilege, which is why every driver needs
to educate themselves with drivers ed. Every game has its
rules, and you cannot play this one without knowing those rules.

Imagine two
students taking a difficult test once studied, the other did not. Now
most likely, the studying student will make a dramatically higher
score than the one who did not because they will be more educated
about the subject. That is no different from being an educated driver
on the same road as a reckless, dangerous, and uneducated driver. The
only difference with this test is, if you fail you could be
critically injured, lose your life, or take someone else’s. Driving
is about more than receiving a joyride, that is why everyone should
receive drivers ed.

In 2003 my
mother, a victim of an intoxicated driving accident, was pronounced
dead and was resuscitated in the helicopter while being life flighted
to Galveston Texas. She was sitting in the passenger seat and was
receiving a ride to work from my father, the drunk driver who walked
away with only a few scratches. Persistent vegetative state and
cerebral hemorrhage are what my mother was diagnosed with, and was
told that she would never have a normal life again once the hospital
gave her a full proper medical examination. Several months later my
mother received a miracle with a full recovery and today has a
master’s degree in accounting and for that, she is my hero. Driving
while under the influence is a deadly issue, so taking serious
precaution is salient, as well as having a strong focus when behind
the wheel because tomorrow is never promised. No one including myself
should ever get in the car with someone who is under any influences.

Texting, eating,
bumping the radio, talking, reading, and anything else that takes
your attention off of the road is distracted driving! We as a nation
can reduce the number of deaths, furthermore injures by having a 100%
sober concentration while being behind that wheel. As of 2018, 58% of
distracted driving death crashes fell in the hands of teenagers. We
have to make a change. Turn down the radio, turn off the cell phone,
and give driving you’re complete you. Let’s focus our minds to one
of the biggest responsibilities we will ever face and simply be
heedful to reduce death crashes and become safer drivers on the road.