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Driver Education Round 3 – The Danger of Dangerous Drivers

Name: Eden Galiczynski
From: DuBois, PA
Votes: 14

The Danger of Dangerous Drivers

Driving is a huge privilege that comes with a great deal of responsibility. Driver’s education is extremely important in order to save lives and prevent future tragedies. I participated in a driver’s education course that taught me a lot about driver safety. I was shown videos of people flipping cars, being seriously injured and experienced first hand the danger of texting and driving. It is important for people, especially new drivers, to be aware of the dangers of driving. Whether this be trying to change a song on your phone, snapchatting a boyfriend or girlfriend or having conversations with those in your car, all of these scenarios are not more important than saving a life. The life of you as the driver as well as the lives of anybody traveling in your vehicle, should be protected at all costs. Drivers educatIon also teaches you about traffic laws and what all road signs and traffic lights indicate. It is very important to be aware of what everything means while on the road in order to avoid any collisions with other vehicles as well as reducing the risk of serious injury or even death. In order to reduce the number of deaths due to irresponsible driving, a few steps you could take include staying off your phone, driving the speed limit as well as reducing any and all distractions. These distractions could include anything from music to the actions of those traveling in a vehicle with you. Simply ask your passengers to quiet down or remove yourself from a conversation to potentially save a life. I have not personally been involved in any type of car accident however, I have witnessed peers and other family members attempt driving while under the influence. Although most of the time no accident occurs, I have heard about my peers and many adults in my life being involved in car accidents due to reckless and irresponsible driving. A few ways that I can help others become safer on the road is to put a stop to anyone under the influence getting behind the wheel and attempting to drive. This person may believe that they are okay to drive but I, as a bystander, will be able to recognize that this is not the case. I also could offer to drive somebody under the influence to their intended destination. This will be a much safer option compared to somebody under the influence attempting to drive and possibly ending up in a very serious car accident. The risk is not worth taking when somebody’s life is on the line. Driver’s education teaches you the dangers of being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The class provides you with real life scenarios that get their point across very directly. Taking a drivers education course and watching videos on the results of people’s actions while being under the influence are enough to scare you into being a smart driver and making good choices. I may not have ever been directly involved in a car accident, but being able to witness videos of those who have been in a very serious accident, it almost feels like I have been a part of the accident as well. These videos trigger your emotions and are very informative on the dangers of driving. I can become a safer driver by ensuring that I am traveling at the correct speed as well as turning down my music in my car to increase focus and to eliminate any possibility of an accident. I could also further my driver’s education by performing additional research, watching more informative videos, or even asking questions about anything I am unsure of. Knowing the law and correctly applying your driving skills while behind the wheel will save many lives that do not deserve to be taken. Driving can be a great thing but can also come with a great deal of tragedy and safety issues. Becoming a safe, responsible driver is very important in order to save the lives of yourself and others. Before you get behind the wheel to drive yourself or others, ask yourself “Am I focused?”, “Have I been using drugs or consuming alcohol?”, “Am I willing to wait to answer my boyfriend or girlfriend until I safely arrive at my destination?”. These questions as well as many others will be beneficial in saving lives. Although people may view asking yourself these questions as dumb or even a waste of time, small actions like this exhibit maturity and can save an important life.