Quite possibly, the worst thing that you can do while driving on the roads in Georgia is to send or receive a text.

Very simply, doing this will radically increase your chances of killing someone, or getting killed on the road.

There is absolutely nothing that is so urgent that it cannot wait until you get to the end of your journey. While it may be sad that your aunt has been rushed into hospital, receiving this information while you are driving is very likely to cause an accident, resulting in someone else being rushed into hospital. In all probability, this will be you.

Texting and Driving on Georgia Roads: They Do NOT Mix

It is an established fact that receiving a text while you are driving will cause you to divert your attention from the road – even if you do not read the text! Yes, that’s fact.

Replying to a text will also cause fatal accidents. If you are looking at your mobile, you cannot possibly be watching the road.

The only safe thing to do when you get into the driver’s seat is to TURN YOUR MOBILE OFF! Put it into Airplane mode. This is exactly what is advised on our Georgia drivers online testing website. Turn it off.

Then, nothing can divert your attention from what you are doing. If you leave your mobile on and someone texts you, the likelihood is that you will want to read the text. It’s human nature.

In that moment, you can kill someone. You will finish up in jail – possibly for several years. And all because you couldn’t wait to read a text.

That text might be something as simple as your boyfriend or girlfriend asking you if you want to watch American Dad tonight.

You want to end up getting killed, or killing someone, for that? Perhaps worse, finishing up in a wheelchair for the rest of your life?

Texting and driving when you are a teen – or even if you are 70 – is just about the most stupid thing that you can do. There is nothing – literally nothing – that cannot wait for another hour.

Online Georgia Drivers Training

Our Georgia drivers online testing website will tell you that 20 years ago this could not have happened. We didn’t have mobiles or SMS. Everybody on the planet managed very well without all this constant apparent “need to know” what happened to Auntie Jane five minutes ago.

Yes, we understand that it’s a symptom of the modern age, and that we “old fogies” don’t understand.

As a teen driver in Georgia, you need to understand that there is something that we do understand, and that is safety. We don’t want to see more teens killed on the roads for no reason. That’s why Joshua’s Law was introduced.

Check it out on our Georgia drivers online testing website. It could save your life.