You’ve heard about the talk. You know, the talk? Often in a movie, or in a book, a parent will sit down with the child, and they’ll have the talk. It can be a little awkward, especially in this day and age in which today’s teenagers seem to know so much more than the teenagers of the past. Even in a southern state like Georgia, people have the talk, but it is a lot less serious than it was 20 or 30 years ago!

The Talk: Talking to Your Parents about Georgia Driving

Of course the talk that were having about is the talk that you and your parents should have about driving. Sometimes it’s the parents who are reluctant to allow the teenager to start driving. Sometimes, it’s the teenager, who really isn’t that interested in getting his or her Georgia driver’s license.

Which is it in your family? Is it you who’s ready to talk to your parents about getting your Georgia driver’s permit? Or is it your parents who are motivating you to get behind the wheel?

It’s time to have the talk.

Getting Your Georgia Drivers License

So let’s assume that it’s you who once your Georgia driver’s license. Here are some things to put in front of your parent about why they should allow you to start driving.

First, if you start driving, they will not have to drive you to and from all of your teenage appointments. You might be able to drive yourself to high school, for example, or to parties, or other sporting events. And of course, you are going to be a responsible driver!

Second, you have to grow up sometime. Do your parents really expect to be driving you around when you’re 34? Do you really expect your parents to be driving you around when you’re 34?

Third, it’s a fact that it’s easier to learn to drive when you’re young, then when you’re old. Drivers who learn how to drive in their older years, do not have the reflexes or the inclination to be quick to pick up either the behind the wheel or the written components of being a safe driver.

Fourth, all your friends are doing it! Usually, when your friends jump off a cliff, you shouldn’t jump off that cliff to. But when your friends are being responsible, and they’re learning how to drive in Georgia, then you, too, should be responsible. If you and your friends are being responsible, then how can your parents disagree?

Fifth, one word: independence. By being a driver, you will have independence, and you will be on your way to adulthood. If you are a boy, driving is part of manhood. If you are a girl, driving is part of independence, in today’s society no woman should have to depend on a man to get them where they are going! Either way, whether you are male or female, getting your Georgia driver permit is a way for you to be independent.

Safety and Parent Concerns about Driving

Now, in sum, what is one of your parents biggest fears? Safety. Your parents are afraid that when you start to drive you will not be a safe driver. How can you assure them that you will be a safe driver? Well, first and foremost, talk to your parents about taking your Georgia permit test and learning how to drive, online, first. Inform you them that you will take the written test, and they will have a learner for a while to supervise. Be gracious and respectful to your parents during this learning period!

Then, when you get your behind the wheel training, be responsible. Not just for your parents, but for your own sake. No drinking and driving, no texting and driving, and be sure to follow all of those complicated but important Georgia laws.

The bottom line is that learning to drive is about independence, and adulthood. And by taking online Georgia driver’s education, you will be a responsible and independent adult. Get started!