Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Being an Active Part is Life

Name: Blain Michael Segura
From: Stuart, Florida
Grade: 12
School: Martin County High School
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Michael Segura

SE Springtree

FL 34997

an Active Park is LIFE

When you are an active part of your community or any community that surrounds your
current location in life, you are helping yourself and others to
better themselves. Volunteering is an important part of being a
whole person. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. Gives you a
goal and helps you to become a better person. It also helps others
who need guidance and someone stable in their lives that they can
depend on. Not everyone has that stable person in their life and
everyone needs someone that they can depend on.

I started volunteering when I was really young. It started out as helping my
father, who was involved in a lot of activities. Then my father
decided to exit our family life. I realized at this point in my life
that I needed direction, something to focus on, and something that
would give others a sense of security. I felt abandoned and my
mother tried to give us all that she could, but with her having to
work all the time to support us and give us a roof over our head, me
twin brother and I needed a sense of accomplishment. We found out
that helping others made us feel good.

Being one of four children in my household, and with my mother working to support us,
we participated in an after school program. As part of this program,
we helped the teachers, we guided the students, and we participated
in all of the activities. After school, my twin brother and I played
football. As part of the team, we helped the coaches, we lead by
example and we formed a new type of family.

 Over the years, we have volunteered for many activities and helped in
many ways. We did not always log those hours for school, because we
felt like we were being ourselves and helping others. The only
volunteer hours that we logged in for our high school requirements
were things that we wouldn’t normally do. Volunteering out of our
normal realm, helped us to focus more on each day and give us a

I know my mother has struggled and with both my twin brother and I wanted to go to
college, we know it is a stress for her to figure out how we will get
there. We are going to make something out of our lives and we are
going to help others in the process. I am going to school for Sports
Medicine. I am dreaming of being a therapist for a sports team,
helping to form kids and give them something to hold on to in life.

While I have been in high school, our trainer for football has been my inspiration. He
has been the person I have focused my life around and I hope to
someday be that person for other kids. I want to be their rock,
their inspiration.

In closing, I want everyone to know that being an active part of any community, helping
others and being there for those in need is the most fulfilling part
of life and it is actually what LIFE is all about.

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