Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Who I admire the most ?

Name: Nhamia Wilson
From: Tchula, Mississippi
Grade: 12th
School: Holmes County Central High
Votes: 0

Nhamia Wilson

April 12, 2016

Who am I ?

Who I admire the most?

I admire my mother the most. My mother has been through so much over the last
past 10 years. My mother had lost her car, her job, and almost her
life. My mother had to raise 4 kids by herself 3 girls and 1 boy.
After losing her job my mother still made a way possible to get what
her kids need and sometimes what we had wanted. Around that time my
sister was graduating and one was going to prom my mother still
haven’t found her a job yet. By the grace of God the next morning
she was called for a job interview. My mother was able to get her
truck back in time and was even able to pay for my sister graduation
and prom. My mother admire me the most because her being a single
parent does not really bother her. Since the year that each one of
her children was born she was a single mother. Most people count on
other people to help them get what they need but my mother being a
strong , beautiful , and responsible woman my mother knew that she
had no time to count on anybody if she wanted to make anything happen
she had to make it happen on her own. I love the fact that as a
individual women she never gave up on life. My mother could have did
anything to herself because and still make sure they have what they
need. My mother refuse to give up on life and that is why I admire
her.her life wasn’t going right , but she didn’t she kept her
head up high and got everything she need for her children she wasn’t
the type of parent that let us do what we want to do we had certain
times to be in the house. My mother have really inspired me the most
seeing a black lady raise four kids by herself not give up

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