Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Amara Jackson’ s volunteer work

Name: Amara Jackson
From: Columbus, Ohio
Grade: junior in college
School: Central State University
Votes: 0

I have been involved with volunteering since I was 12 years old. I
always went to volunteer my time at places such as the Boys and Girls
club, food banks, hospitals, the Ronald McDonald house, etc. The
places that I did volunteer work at that touched me the most was
definitely when I worked with the kids at the boys and girls club and
other daycares. The kids really touched me because they all mostly
came from rural areas in the city, so coming to these community
centers it gave them the opportunity to have fun, be kids and enjoy
their youth. During the summer I volunteer my time and go to the
community centers every day, but during the school year because I was
have classes and work I only go twice a week if I can.

My responsibilities as a volunteer were working with the children
throughout the day; however I decided to go further and take on a
role model position with the kids. Overtime I was able to develop a
bond with the kids during my time and make an impact in their lives
while they’re still young. It’s so important that I wanted to be
a good importance in their lives because I never had that growing up.
So thank god now that I am in my adulthood and I ended up going down
the right route in life, I have decided to give the kids that I
mentor the influence that I didn’t have. I more so decided to take
on the younger girls to be an influence with them because I want them
to see with hard work and dedication you can succeed at whatever it
is you want to do. It’s not easy and your journey will not be the
easiest however if you work towards your dreams and they come to pass
then it will be all worth it the long run. I have also geared more so
towards young girls because with my psychology degree I plan to work
with women and young girls in battered homes and to counsel them as
well. I plan to utilize my degree with the volunteer work that I have
done and take it to a whole different level. I work so hard, and I do
everything on my own. I need help with paying for my education and
getting to the finish line. I have one year left and I am trying to
do everything that I can in order to finish my education and obtain
my degree. This scholarship would really help me and I would be so
grateful for this responsibility. Financially I don’t have a lot
and hope school helps me become in a better financial state. So I can
help other young girl’s dreams come true.

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