Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Animals and Kids

Name: Rebecca Hayes
From: Mooresville, NC
Grade: 12
School: Lake Norman High School
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Rebecca Hayes

Animals and Kids

I have been involved with two amazing volunteer organizations for many
years. I work with The Humane Society of Iredell County to take care
of animals without homes. I also work with The Cove church to take
care of kids while their parents and grandparents are listening to
the service. I also help when The Cove and The Humane Society have
large events.

Working with The Humane Society every week has helped me to realize what goes
on in the real world. Even though animals aren’t the same as people,
working with them shows a person that the things that happen to these
animals can also happen to people. Most of the animals I work with
came from horrible homes and were abused or left alone. The same
thing happens to people and it makes me appreciate what I have. I
chose to work with animals because it is a passion of mine and I love
helping things in need, wether it’s human or
not. I volunteer for 3 hours a day once or twice a week. I am in
charge of cleaning cages, giving food and water, and playing with all
of the animals. My biggest challenge is when there is a mean animal
that wont let me near them, but i have to clean their cage. I get a
lot of my satisfaction from the animals that go crazy when they play,
especially the younger animals that have so much energy.

Working with The Cove is a great way to become involved with people. It
gives me good social skills and connections into other things. I
actually met a family that works for Bank of America and they said
they could get me an internships when I enter college. I work three
hours a day twice a week. I am in charge of k-3rd grade. We teach
them things about our religion, play games, futon shows, sing and
dance, arts and crafts, etc. My biggest challenge is when some of
the kids don’t listen to me and it can get
frustrating. All of the kids give me satisfaction. They are cute
when they sing and dance and when they volunteer to help me it makes
me very happy. I have learned many social skills from talking to the
parents and I have also learned how to deal with children.

These activities are forward looking because if I ever decide to have kids
and pets in the future, I now know what to expect and can help when I
get into trouble. Forward looking to me means to progress and
develop. I hope to help animals in the future to be treated better.
Yes, I do believe that my volunteer work will make a difference.
Many people care just as much as I do and I think if everyone works
together we can make a difference.

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