Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Artistic Volunteer

Name: Yordy Sanchez Hernandez
From: Raleigh-Durham , North Carolina
Grade: Undergraduate
School: The Art Institute of Raleigh Durham
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I live in a community that is very poor in financial resources. I live in a
place where the Hispanic people are looked down upon by the higher
class people. Although we are not very rich in wealth, my people are
extremely rich in Artistic creativity. 4 years ago I felt so lost in
my own depression. I felt I had nothing to offer the world and in
turn I began to have suicidal thoughts. That same year I found a
friend that forever caused an impact on my personal life. This guy
was an illustrator that drew at an incredible speed, watching him
draw made me feel hopeful. This friend inspired me to start drawing
as well. I discovered that Art was my hidden talent; before I knew
it I had already surpassed my original inspiration. That same year I
was named the best artist at my high school and I became the
president of the Art Club. My first mission as president was to
paint murals around the school. Our principal saw the passion my
friends and I had for the arts.

He let us create history by allowing us to paint the first ever Senior Class mural
inside of our auditorium. I set up a team of the 4 best artists
around, however my friends and I had different schedules and they
only had time to help out after school. However I worked throughout
the day with no rest. I painted 80% of the mural on my own and made
it my personal mission to inspire the underclassmen into opening
their creative minds and taking their thoughts to another level.
When the mural was finished we had the whole senior class stop by to
sign the wall. Although this was satisfying my hunger for success
was still not fed. I ended up painting another mural in the Art

After high school I did not stop creating art. I started my own company called
“SANCHEZ INKK”. I began taking commissions for any style of art
that was asked of me. It doesn’t matter if my people want
Hyper-realism or Abstraction. I give them more than what they want.
In turn I’ve had many young people in Elementary, Middle and High
School tell me I am an inspiration. This makes my heart feel good;
knowing that I had made an impact on these kids drives me to continue
what I do, each and every day. I know very well a lot of these kids
suffer from depression like I did my freshmen year. That one friend
that inspired me has forever changed my life for the better.

Now my only goal is inspire the youth. I want these kids to realize
that opening your mind will give you true happiness. Something you
cannot find in drugs and alcohol. These kids need someone to show
them that there is more to us then just outside laborers and
construction workers. Now I want to show them that talent will take
us far, which is why I am going to be attending the Art Institute
this fall. I want to open a doorway for these kids. I will return
to my hometown one day to create a foundation for talented young
artists that cannot afford these fancy tools and pencils. I aim to
create a public Art center in which they can come to paint and draw
without any fear or hesitation.

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