Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Attitude is Everything and I Control my Attitude

Name: Lauryn Camille Miller
From: Altadena, California
Grade: 11th
School: John Muir High
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Lauryn Miller

John Muir High
school Pasadena, California

April 25,2016

Before I became a
John Muir Pep squad member, I was in Pop Warner cheerleader since I
was five years old. I love it from the instant I started at practice.
Since then I was a die heart Pasadena Panther, and I have been that
way ever since.

The Mustangs were
always a big sister figure growing up as a Pop Warner cheerleader so
once I graduated from the Panthers I became a John Muir Pep Member.
My coach is the coordinator for both organizations so once Trainer
applications came across I surely applied.When granted with the
position I was thrilled. The responsibilities that I took on where
making sure that when the head coaches came to practices the girls
were ready,warmed-up, and ready to learn new things.To add, I would
also volunter Saturdays at the footballs games and work the
concession stand, fill in for coaches who would either be late or are
running late. Collectively I have earned over 100 hours volunteering
with the Pasadena Panthers since my Freshmen year of high school.My
biggest challenged from volunteering is my time magangement. I have
other commitments such as Track & Field, Volunteering at
Huntington Hospital, Black Student Union projects, writing in the
school Newspaper and those activities that come with it, working at
the community cafe Perry’s Joint, and most importantly maintaining
a 3.5 and up GPA. My first year was a little rocking but
communication is truly a key because all of these people involved
with me what me succeed, so communicating with them was the best
lesson I learned with being active around my community and school.

When I move on into
a college student I want to work towards a degree in Nursing. These
various activities will help me with my leadership skills, and
multitasking skills. Being a nurse is not focusing on one task, there
are various things that need to be done at once and I feel that is
the most important thing to learn early before becoming a nurse
because of experience at the Hospital.10,20,30… years from now I
think that girls that were like me would look up to me and seeing me
at the games always volunteering would influence them in a positive
and help them also with their personal goals.

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