Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Where it Began…

Name: Ashley Maslovich
From: Lewes, DE
Grade: Senior in High School
School: Cape Henlopen High School
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When I was little I grew up in a very small town, it was called New
Castle. I no longer live there. But it was truly a great place to
live. Everyone new everyone. I lived in a big purple house on the
corner. If our neighbors could help us out in any way they would and
I truly respect and appreciate that characteristic some people have.
This was the type of neighbor hood that you could have your doors
unlocked, where children can play, and have dinner party’s.

You ask why this place shaped me into the young lady I am today. I would
like to think that it made me into a better person. I try to be there
for people when they need me and I’m kind to them. I never am cruel
to anyone. It’s defiantly something that I learned from the people
that I surrounded myself with. All of my friends and I would always
sleep over at each others house and it would always be a really good
time. Most of friends parents were really good cooks so almost always
we were baking something. Which is a very good skill to master
especially when I get older and move out because then I’ll know how
to cook all these really good foods. It was the best time of my life,
things were so simple back then.

When I grow up I hope to defiantly raise my kids in that type of
environment and I know my future kids will love just as much as I
did. I know I was truly blessed to live a life that I did because
some kids don’t have what I had. Some have hard lives and just want
to give up but no matter how hard it gets go should never give up on
yourself cause you know things will get better.

Most of the people in my neighbor hood taught me by example. They were all
very nice, hardworking people that were family oriented. That what I
hope to be like that when I grow up and take care of my neighbors. I
mean there was no bullying there was no drama it was just people
having fun with there kids and making the best out of what they have
and that’s what I want in life. I want for everyone to work together
as a community. If things were better there would be less suicides
and murders. We need to work together as a human race to make life on
earth better.

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