Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – This I Believe

Name: Angel Huynh
From: North Charleston, SC
Grade: 12th
School: R. B. Stall High School
Votes: 62

Angel Huynh


Youth Forward
Scholarship Essay

At the revival conference, many small tasks needed to be accomplished
in the church before the guests arrived. Already exhausted from the
many months of preparation, the adults needed my youth group to get
involved to prevent them from complete exhaustion. We volunteered to
clear garbage bins, to mop and sweep the floors, vacuum, to clean the
restrooms and to restock paper products along with other necessities.

I was assigned the job to clean six restrooms which plays into my
phobia of public bathrooms. At the time I wasn’t aware, but I
believe that it wasn’t a coincidence. God wanted to teach me a
valuable lesson. However, I had the mindset that cleaning those
bathrooms could help others have a sanitary place to “let it all
out.” The image of smelly and dirty toilets nearly convinced me to
take the option of switching to a simpler task.

Once I decided to take on the task, there was no turning back. I
never experienced putting so much hard work and effort into something
without praise or something in return. I finally understand how some
janitors feel. All janitors have to fulfill the duties of their jobs.
Most janitors work hard to get the toilets and floors spotless
without enough praise or recognition. I applaud those good and
faithful servants who thoroughly do their jobs not only for
themselves, but also for the sake of others. They represent the trait
of humility and place other’s needs before their own. I held a
conversation with Mr. Bill, one of the janitors at my high school,
who told me that he injured his back from slipping on his front
porch. If he placed his needs before others, he would’ve taken a day
off. He knew that R.B. Stall needed him, so he was willing to give up
his day to serve others instead of resting at home.

Starting with that small achievement of cleaning the church bathrooms
brought growth into my life–a transformation from pride to humility.
I was prideful, thinking that I was too good to clean those
restrooms, but my mindset has changed. Though somewhat
unrecognizable, I believe that small tasks and achievements pave the
way for big achievements. The most valuable lessons are learned from
small achievements. Constant praise and recognition would have only
stretched my pleasure and pride. Scrubbing toilets taught me how to
place my community’s needs above my own. It was a once in a lifetime
opportunity for humbleness to tumble into my life. I would not
hesitate to help again should the need arise. If I hadn’t experienced
being in a janitor’s shoes, I would’ve skipped the most important
step in my life. I would’ve never truly understood the real meaning
of humility.

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