Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Big Buddies Volunteer Program

Name: Anna Trichilo
From: Liverpool, New York
Grade: 12
School: Liverpool High School
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The area I have chosen to volunteer in is the Big Buddies Program at
Liverpool Elementary School. My reasoning behind this was because my
goal has always been to be an elementary teacher, helping children
who struggle in the areas that I have constantly struggled in. I went
into this program knowing that the help I personally gave these
children would make a tremendous impact on their lives.

My responsibilities were to teach, help, and guide the children get
their homework done in the hour that I was there. The children had
math and reading homework to complete every Monday, one hour a week,
during an eight-week period. While I was with the children for that
hour, I was expected to have them practice their multiplying,
reading, and also spelling. By having someone guide them, the three
children I had were able to easily get their homework done

My biggest challenge as a volunteer would be knowing that this one hour
of interaction with an older high school student, was something all
these children were thrilled to do. Every student in the Big Buddies
Program looked forward to this one hour each week. So therefore,
knowing after that hour they would go home and not have someone teach
and work with them on the homework like I did was my biggest

The most satisfaction I have gotten from this experience would be knowing that
my extra help has made these children become better students. I was
not only a mentor, but infact a friend to them that they looked
forward to see every week. From my volunteer experience I have
learned that every child is brought up from a different background.
The goal of this program was to seek help for children who do not
have this help at home. Reflecting back, I learned how grateful these
students are for these certain programs to push them to become better

My career goals are in alignment with the focus of this program because
my ultimate intention in life is to become an elementary teacher and
do exactly what I did in this program to better students starting at
a younger age. What I learned from these children, I can put into use
when I am older and preparing my own group of students.
Individualistically, “forward looking” simply means having an
idea of what your own future holds. For example, this program is
“forward looking” into what my own career goals are in the

The change I seek to further in this world based on my volunteer activity
would be to have better and bigger Big Buddies programs at not only
public schools, but also private. I believe if I came back in ten
years my volunteer experience would have made a significant impact on
those three children I mentored because hopefully by then, they are
involved in the same volunteer program as I once was.

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