Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – The big impact from a small act of kindness

Name: Sabrina Rivera Diaz
From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Sabrina Rivera Diaz

A SMALL act of kindness

If I were selected as a Brown’s Fellow, something that I would like to
pursue as an individual enrichment experience would be going to a
third world country and help build a safer, healthier and more
enjoyable environment where kids my age and younger can have fun
getting an education. As middle schooler and now as a high schooler
I’ve have done a variety of community service projects. They were
all life changing in different ways but the project that I enjoyed
doing the most was painting murals at a local middle school in my
community. This experience was one of the most memorable experiences
I’ve ever had. As I was painting, I realized that this small action
would impact the students and teachers that attended the school
because sometimes even the smallest act can affect someone in a great
way. Painting the murals and meeting new people was a great part of
the service, but the best part was knowing that I might of made the
students that go there proud to be attending such a colorful and
unique school. I believe that every kid that attends a school should
feel proud about attending the school that they’re in seeing as
though they’re spending half the time of the day in school.
Education is really important because we are preparing kids for the
future. Learning should make a person feel good and happy and being
in an environment where you feel safe and creativity is everywhere
helps make learning fun and interesting. As a Brown’s Fellow, an
enrichment experience that I would be interested in exploring in
helping improve the educational system in any way that I can, whether
it’s painting a school, building a school, or teaching kids fun
ways to learn and get their education.
up, I knew I’ve always wanted to help people in any way I can,
whether it was giving a helping hand or just being a friend to
someone who needs one. In the sixth grade, I decided I wanted to
become more involved in my community with my spare time I had after
school and on the weekends. I became more involved by joining city
year, a program that allows you to make friends and help people by
doing community service. At first I didn’t know what to expect, I
wasn’t much of a social person and I was very shy. After a few weeks
being in city year, I helped out so many people and changed their
lives by doing simple things like, cleaning up the parks around their
community, painting neighborhoods schools and just being a friend
that they could talk to. For me, being in city year wasn’t just about
the community service hours you received at the end of the program.
It was about making news friends while making a change whether it was
big or small in the community. After my first year with city year, I
went back two more years and have not only more than 300 hours of
community service, but great friendships to account for my time. This
was a huge accomplishment for me, but an even bigger accomplishment
was knowing that the service I did helped or made a person’s life
much easier, and that’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do. City year
taught me that even the littlest thing can help out in a big way. It
helped me break away from being shy and be confident enough to let my
voice be heard. I learned a variety of different skills like public
speaking, which once terrified me. After leaving city year, I try to
keep involved with my community as much as I can. In school my coach
would involve my sports team and i in making sandwiches for our
nearest homeless shelter, picking up trash at the field where we
would practice and help cleaning out our recreation center. My coach
, even though he does not know it yet is one of the two people i look
up too. Being as though i play three and he coaches all of them, most
of the school year i’ve spent my time under his guidance. Over my
high school years he’s taught me that being a good person to others
not only makes you feel good about yourself but also may open up many
opportunities that you would have never thought of. He has added to
my interesting in helping others and that made me want to better
myself as a person. Being involved in community service allowed me to
build my character and taught me how to express myself in a way that
could helped others. Participating in community service has always
and will always will be apart of my life, knowing that people
appreciate the effort and hard work that is put in is always a
win-win situation for me. To be selected as Brown’s Fellow, I can’t
even begin imagine the experiences that I would be exposed to, the
many skills that would obtain, and the wonderful memories and
friendships I would gain.

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