Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – biology

Name: erykah lewis
From: austin, texas
Grade: freshman in college
School: huston-tillotson
Votes: 0

Erykah Lewis

Professor Nash

February 26, 2016


Language Communities

There are a lot of different types of language communities around the world
and the one that I’m really interested in is the Greek life because
I feel like they have their own type of language that most people
don’t know because of how protective they are within their society.
The Greeks around my school are really active and always try to find
a way to involve the students on campus to do something even if that
means volunteering, having programs, and also including the parties
that they have. Now for this topic I will interview a male and a
female that are involved in the Greek life and get their viewpoints
on certain things that they can do of have for their sorority or
fraternity. My questions that I’m going to ask them will refer on
how they live they lifestyle when they are a part of the Greek life.
I know they have different communications skills towards one another
so they know what to do or say when certain activities goes on around

There are a lot of different type of Greek life it includes the Omegas,
AKAs, Kappa’s, Alphas, Deltas, Zeta Phi Beta and a lot more they
all differ in some type of way to the way they danced and how they
call on one another to get attentions. Most of them are really
involved in volunteering and helping other people to make their life
a lot easier. I know that they take pride in that cause shows how
good they are for other people too when they do things like that. The
people that I will be interviewing will be an Omega named Chris and a
Zeta named Gina I know that these people will help me understand what
they do without going into much detail or not giving out all the
information. Cause certain Greeks cant spill a lot of beans on their
sorority or fraternity.

I will be asking questions like how you wanted to be involved in the
Greek life and why you made that decision. What are the
recommendations that you had to do to be involved to get where you
are now? Questions like this will help me know the true meaning of
what they do and how all the things they do work for them. I feel
like when you have some type of language community towards other
people it defines them on who they are and what they do to keep them
in line or intact with their membership. The things that I know about
the Greek life are that they have to be very secretive about certain
things and how they handled themselves so they won’t disrespect
their group cause if they do they are portraying them as not

Now each group will be asked the same questions bit I know that they will
have different opinions when they answer them. Because to me I know
that certain groups have rules that they have to maintain so they
won’t get in trouble. I know that they have different aspects on
their sorority or fraternity and how things should be and how they
want to change things in the long when I finish answer my
questions to the people I will how to set up the other questions that
I have not finished asking. I think that my questions will come in

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