Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Blood Does Not Make You Family

Name: Kelsie Danyale Potter
From: Welch, WV
Grade: 11th
School: Mount View High School
Votes: 0

I volunteer regularly in my community! This summer I volunteered at a summer
reading camp for students in grades 3-5. I volunteered from 8 o’clock
in the morning until 1 o’clock in the day. Some of the things I did
while volunteering was read to the students, help them create a
writing journal, and helped them learn tricks to reading and
comprehending faster. During this experience I became so close to my
students. I learned so much about them and it made me eager to come
back the next day.

Within my high school I am the secretary of the Student Government Association.
Recently we have volunteered as youth advocates against drunk driving
and underage consumption of tobacco. We are starting a volunteer
group called “Students against Destructive Decisions” that
educates our fellow students about the dangers of drunk driving, STD
prevention, and tobacco use. My responsibility in this group would be
the leader/president due to the fact I brought it to the attention of

My favorite volunteer position would be at my local nursing and rehabilitation
center. I volunteer here two-three days a week for 4-5 hours. I hold
the position as an activities director. I help plan events for the
residence to participate in as well as help organize these activities
and most importantly participate in these activities. My biggest
challenge as a volunteer so far has been losing a resident. It is so
hard losing someone but especially when you have that bond and become
like a family member to them. My most satisfying moment as a
volunteer would have to be seeing one of my residents learn to walk
again after years of being immobile. I have learned so much from my
volunteer position. I learned that people face different struggles. I
learned that a simple smile can make a person’s entire day. Blood
does not make you family. This volunteer experience has really made
an impact on my career goals. I plan to be a nurse after high school.
Seeing how these patients love there nurses and think so much more of
them makes me want to become a nurse even more. The patients think
of their nurses as a family. The nurses think of their patients as
family. It is just an amazing environment to be in and has been an
awesome experience for me.

Concluding, I feel I have made a difference as a volunteer. I have touched the
lives of many people of all ages. I have volunteered with children in
grade school, kids in high school, and grown people. Volunteering
with all of these age groups I have seen that everyone faces
different battles but a simple smile can really change someone’s
life. As a volunteer I have become close to the people I work with.
It’s not always easy volunteering but it is ALWAYS worth it. I am
extremely honored that I was able to hold these positions and change
the lives of many people!

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