Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Boy Scouts of America Voluntary Service

Name: Andre Chambers
From: Philadelphia, PA
Grade: Senior High School
School: Carver High School Engineering & Science
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The importance of being a Boy Scout of America is to serve and help the needs of other
people. My biggest factor is to live by the code which is to put
others before you put yourself. Therefore as a Boy Scout, we’re
required to take on many voluntary responsibilities to help the
bettering of an everyday citizen. The prime example of helping
someone is not expecting something given back in return.

Most Boy Scout voluntary services are in all types of settings from helping at
annual running events such as breast cancer, to planting flowers for
flower shows, and cleaning various parks as a form of community
service. So far from all types of voluntary work, I’ve racked up
over a couple hundred hours of community service over the past few

My main responsibility of voluntary work is to make sure the person or
company I am helping or working for leaves happier than they’ve
came to give me the job. My task isn’t complete until I change the
coordinators expressions. From being a volunteer my biggest
responsibility was helping out at the annual Philadelphia Breast
Cancer walk. My sole responsibility was to make sure all of the
participants were kept completely hydrated at all times of the walk.

The most satisfaction from being a volunteer was to be able to make other
people happy without expecting anything in return. The biggest thing
I’ve learned from my voluntary service was to always be considerate
of other people just for the simple fact of living. Be kind to
someone for a random good deed, you may find something good later in
return in the future.

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