Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – The Bridge Project volunteering Experience

Name: Sabrin Mohamed
From: Denver, Colorado
Grade: Junior
School: North High School
Votes: 6

The Bridge Project volunteering Experience

Helping people has always been a passion of  mine. I have always loved
helping others. I came to the U.S. 5 years ago and I had a lot of
people helping me. This idea of wanting to help others came from this
experience. Because of that, I started to volunteer at an
out-of-school youth programs called The Bridge Project, where kids
come and get homework help.

 I first started volunteering at Bridge when I was a freshman, and now
I’m currently a junior in high school. I volunteered for 30 hours
as a freshman and then  got hired  to be part of  the
Tech Team. As a member of the Tech Team my responsibilities are to
teach computer skills to kids from kindergarten to 5th graders. In
addition to that as a Teach Team member one of the requirements is to
pass a IC3 test at least once a year. I am required to take the IC3
so they can test  my computer skills. Once I pass three of the
IC3 tests I will be lab manager.  

Volunteering at the Bridge Project has provided me with leadership opportunities
and a chance to gain valuable work experience.  I also
participate in Bridge’s high school group, and college
postsecondary preparation. Even though  I have a job at Bridge,
I still go and volunteer there at least once a week.  It’s
like my second home now.

When I go and volunteer at Bridge, my responsibilities include classroom
facilitation and management, student check in, and homework help.
When I first started going and volunteering some of my biggest
challenge were keeping my patience with the students, not knowing how
to explain things and getting along with the kids. At first it was
hard working with the kids becuase we didn’t know each other, but
now everything is different.   I  got to know the
students, It is easier to get along by working with students week
after week. I understand how to communicate with them. This is
something I will take with me as I go to college, and when I get my
first job after college.  Volunteering at the Bridge is the most
satisfying experience I’ve had to date.

This job has taught me how to balance school and work. At Bridge I can not
work if I don’t have a  2.5 GPA or higher.. Most of all,
I feel like I’ve earned the respect of the students and now
they look up to me as their role model . This makes me feel good
because I‘m having a positive impact on the them.

In the future, something that I’m actively considering is  a
career in education, where I  can help people. It has been my
passion ever since I was young, but even moreso now. When I come back
to Bridge in ten years, I imagine myself as a successful educator who
sees many of the students I previously worked with who are learning
and helping others just as I am now.

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