Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Bright Young Dyslexics

Name: Carter Olles
From: Green Bay, WI
Grade: 11
School: Notre Dame de la Baie Academy
Votes: 9

In March of 2013, I co-founded Bright Young Dyslexics, a 501c3 non-profit supporting K-12
dyslexic students in Wisconsin through funding for tutoring and
assistive technology. Bright Young Dyslexics also helps to raise
awareness of dyslexia, in hopes to create a better world for
dyslexics to live and thrive in. I became aware of the difficulties
of dyslexia through my sister’s experience with it, and I was
inspired to make a difference so that others would not have to
experience the hardships that she did. I believe that our work in
raising over $42,000 for dyslexia and personally, my volunteer hours
of over 100 a year have made great progress towards making Wisconsin
more dyslexia friendly, and will benefit both current and future
generations of dyslexic students.

In raising awareness, Bright Young Dyslexics has put an emphasis on elementary
schools, in hopes that more dyslexics will get recognized early on,
allowing them to receive proper instruction so that they have the
best opportunity to reach their full potential. We have also
installed dyslexia resource centers at area libraries, so that
families with dyslexic children, especially recently diagnosed ones,
will have a place to find helpful information in how to help their

Through co-founding Bright Young Dyslexics and serving as co-President, I am blessed with
the opportunity to help change the lives of dyslexic children and
their families. By offering partial and full assistance in affording
tutoring and assistive technology, we allow students the ability to
develop the tools needed to not only survive in school, but to
thrive, without the added stress to families, especially those less
fortunate. The amount of gratitude we receive is overwhelming, and
motivates me to work harder so that more dyslexic children receive
these tools.

Bright Young Dyslexics has also allowed me to grow significantly as an individual.
Experiences such as speaking at schools and fundraisers, filing for
tax exempt status, designing a website, and informing others about
dyslexia have allowed me to develop and refine skills that will help
me succeed in the future. The gratitude I’ve received has taught me
how important giving back to my community is, and how to continue it
for the rest of my life. Through establishing our Youth Advisory
Board (YAB) of 15 middle and high school students, I’ve learned
that community service can be contagious. Our YAB is filled with
energy and great ideas. Leading this group has helped to grow our
efforts with Bright Young Dyslexics. Furthermore, Bright Young
Dyslexics has taught me just how difficult it is to live with
dyslexia, especially without proper assistance.

The work we have done amazes me, and I hope to be able to further continue it,
eventually expanding throughout the country, so that no student is
hindered by dyslexia, and every student has the opportunity to
succeed. I hope that one day there will not be the need for Bright
Young Dyslexics, because dyslexics are accommodated and assisted
throughout the entire country.

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