Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – A Brighter Future for a Better Tomorrow

Name: Terell Kenneth Lewis
From: West Covina, Ca
Grade: 12th
School: Edgewood High School
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A Brighter Future to a Brighter Tomorrow

My name is Terell Kenneth Lewis. I enjoy playing baseball,
basketball, track and field, dancing and making people laugh. Not to
mention, I speak Mandarin as a second language. My goals are to
attend a 4-year university and major in Marine Biology, minor in
Cellular Biology and play college sports with the hopes of becoming
an MLB player. My goal is to work very hard in many different ways
to pursue my professional career goal. I believe by attending
college, it will give me a head start in becoming a successful and
responsible young man. College is important to me because it allows
me to achieve life’s goals in a hard-working manner. I truly believe
that you have to work hard to get what is due to you in life.

I have volunteered my time with Lewis Dream Vacation Travel
volunteering 40 hours assisting with expo setup for vacation travel
for a year. Not to mention, during the Christmas holidays instead of
receiving gifts for myself, I adopted a family. I visited the
Foothill Family Services in El Monte, CA to speak with coordinator
who provided further details on how to proceed. I volunteer 10 hours
with Foothill Family Services which is a non-profit organization that
provides a variety of services from adopting a family; mental health
and counseling services; services for families with children; child
abuse prevention and treatment and early intervention. This program
allows families that are facing financial difficulties and hardship
to become part of the program with the hopes of a brighter future for
the family. Their mission is “to build brighter futures, empowering
children and families in our community to overcome challenges and
achieve success in relationships, school and work”. The family
that I received was a single mother of 4 children ages 5, 8, 12 and
15. One of which was terminally ill with cancer which was
heartbreaking for me. Each of them prepared a wish list of items in
which I began to shop for. My mother was able to help me to grant
their wish by purchasing at least 5 items each from their wish list
which cost just over $400. Once we purchased all of the items, we
wrapped each item separately and delivered them to the Foothill
Family Services. Unfortunately we were not able to meet the family
due to confidentiality. But I am grateful knowing that I was able to
contribute to the cause and support this family during the holiday
season. This really made me feel great in being able to support this
family and give. It gave me that extra boost and energy in knowing
that I put a smile on a mother’s face giving her family a happy
holiday season.

There is a time and place for everything. What we do in life, is
what we get out of life”. We all have to struggle to build on a
successful future. It is very important that we learn to adjust and
know that there will always be hurdles in life. Every man makes a
choice in life and foreshadows his way through struggle and
determination. My goal in life is to always cross that hurdle and
make it to the finish line. The only way to accomplish this goal is
to be a leader and lead the pathway for others as I continue to build
on the game of life.

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