Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Bringing equity and equilty into the LGBTQIA+ COMMUNITY

Name: Brianna (Kween) Robinson
From: Los anglese , CA
Grade: 11th
School: santee eduction complex
Votes: 0

My passion for volunteerism is displayed through my experiences and what was
happening in my community. The ways I have impacted my community is
by fighting for safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ youth in the South La Area.
Through this process I have spent countless hours working dedicating
my time to promoting awareness and harmony between all students of
all sexual orientations. I have been striving to create a
non-threatening environment that allows all students to have a voice
and not be intimidated or judged because of their views.

I am apart of four volunteer based clubs including my school’s GSA, GSA Network,
Liberty Hill , Service Works and I attended some outreach programs as
well. These different volunteer events have helped me build a lot
character and great leadership skills. Some of my responsibilities
as a volunteer (co-president) of my GSA are leading the group and
coming up with topics to discuss, setting examples, creating
campaigns, and pulling all-nighters so that the event that we’ve plan
goes smooth as possible.

The most challenging thing about running an event is getting everyone
involved and doing the things that they were assigned to do. In the
beginning of the school year our club is always packed but towards
the end it starts to decreases and it gets harder to plan events but
as a leader “giving up “ is not in my vocabulary I know that
there are people depending on me so I know I have to stay strong and
level headed. A very recent campaign that I really needed to be
strong for was our Gender neutral restroom campaign #itjustatoilet
which took over 3 months to get approved by LAUSD. Within those 3
month my GSA and I got over 700+ signatures, presented in front of 20
classes, presented in front of the school site council and I
personal wrote an article for la times : “ Don’t freak out it’s
just a toilet”. We eventually were successful in our campaign and
became the first school in the Los Angeles Unified School District.
This issue became so big that it made national news. However that was
the easy part. The hard part is the hate we received outside of
LAUSD social media and even protesters. After school, just two days
after the Gender Neutral Restrooms were opened, a LGBT hate group
showed afterschool with a large megaphone shouting out messages to
the entire school that we are all “homos who are going to burn in
hell and that we are all sickos and pedophiles.” This greatly made
our entire campus community upset, but we stayed strong because we
knew that were making a change for the better and making our peers
lives on campus easier. In response we held a peace rally the next
day when hundreds up supporters from the community and school showed

I used to be unable to say exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up but after
joining the club at my school, I’ve realized I wanted to somehow
help people find there voice and empower to step up and help their
community so one day I want to open up my own nonprofit and now a
days people dedicate my time empowering LGBTQIA+ youth activities to
use their voice. It would be an absolute honor to be able help
developed, grow, empower and inspire young minds. And to see them
want to give back and volunteer to others help as well.

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