Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Building a Leader

Name: Taylor Tompkins
From: Derby, KS
Grade: Junior/11th grade
School: Derby High School
Votes: 0

Now that I have started to write this essay, I have realized how much I volunteer. I
am not trying to brag about how much I volunteer, and I am sure that
many other people volunteer more than I do, but I could probably call
volunteering one of my hobbies. Being involved in student council and
National Honors, I am asked to volunteer a lot. This means that I do
not volunteer in just one area. Whether it is Bingo nights, Breakfast
with Santa, or the annual trash pick-up at the Arkansas River, I go
from one thing to the next.

Although the events I volunteer at are all over the year, last month I
volunteered at least eleven and a half hours this month. Of course,
not every month is that busy. The usual responsibilities I have to
fulfill are just doing things that the organizers of the event need
help with. I really like volunteering jobs where I help those in

One of the challenges of volunteering would have to be getting out of
your comfort zone. One of the jobs I have done was volunteering at a
Habitat for Humanity ReStore where people can buy other items,
donated by other people, that they might need for their house. The
lady who was in charge sent me to organize the front of the store,
and customers kept asking me where everything was. After that, I was
timid to volunteer at other bigger organizations because I was not
comfortable in Habitat for Humanity. Fortunately, I kept volunteering
at a variety of places, and the feeling I get for volunteering is
what gives me the most satisfaction.

From all my volunteering opportunities, the main thing I have learned from doing
so is leadership. Wherever I go to volunteer at now, I am never
uncomfortable. I can do my job and feel confident.

Looking towards the future, I see myself volunteering for many more
organizations. Future looking, to me, means that I am peering into
the life I might like to have some years from now. I would really
like to try and help slavery. In this day and age, slavery should not
be a problem, but it is. If I were to look back on my volunteering
experiences, I would definitely say that it has made a difference. I
have always been a shy person, but volunteering has really helped me
form into the leader I can be. Volunteering can do this for
everybody. It can form anyone into a leader.

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