Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Butterfly Effect

Name: Mayel Valadez
From: Dallas, Texas
Grade: 12th
School: Uplift Peak Preparatory
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During the summer of my ninth grade year and tenth grade year, I
volunteered in a youth 
where it helped kids from the community enhance their education while
on break. I 
chose  this program because I once attended this program. I returned after
three years because I 
how the program has grown as whole from the years in which I
attended. It came from two 

house like buildings to one building containing 7 rooms wide enough
to fit 20 children and 

offices. This program was were I spent my summer and were I met many
people I still talk 

today. I automatically had this motivation to volunteer in this
program because I wanted to 

kids that were in the same situation I was. During both of the
summers that I volunteered, I 

7 hours a day for five days. I did this for two months. While I
volunteered here, I was teacher 

If the teacher needed to take the younger children to the restroom, I
would take the 

as she stayed in class to teach the others. I helped the kids get
their lunches and picked 

after the. I also helped them with the work that they were handed out
and mentored them to 

the right choices. My biggest challenge was probably leaving. I
became so attached the 

that it would hurt me when I had to return to my regular life. I
shared many memories 

enjoyed their presence. The last day of the program would be bitter
because I would not be 

to see the kids until the next summer. However, volunteering there
also gave me this 

of relief. I was able to give back to my community and was able to
give back to a 

that I once was part of. I was able to see kids grow and was able to
bond with many of 

I can say that I made their summer fun for them. Spending two summers
volunteering in 

program showed me that children are like sponges and absorb any
information they obtain.

Also, that no matter where they come from, young children are able to have
a smile on their face 

be optimistic about life while many adults take this for granted.

Forward looking to me means looking to the potential future that I have
relating to my 
career. How will I contract my path to success around my experience
with children 
and  how will it affect my perception of my community. I want to help my
community any way 

I can. I want to bring smiles to faces I have never met and have a
positive impact on my 

Hopefully, this become a catalyst and kids encourages others to give
back to their 

If I were to come back twenty or even thirty years later, I know my
time  has made an immense impact because I knew the program when it was
just initiating. I was 

of the few that returned to return the favor. Although many of the
people are of older age, 

might not be working there anymore; however, I will know that I saw
this program and I 
was  able to help it grow.

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