Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Butterfly

Name: Taraney Nicole Vigil
From: Humble, TX
Grade: 12
School: Humble High School
Votes: 0

Nicole Vigil

Throughout High School, especially this past year I have dwelled in the art of
volunteering. Majority of the community service opportunities I do
revolve around education and art. I am very passionate about
educating people, and I love to assist others in expressing
themselves. I have found that through creating art one can express
themselves freely and this what I encourage. The amount of time I
give is always changing due to the opportunities I find. This past
year I have volunteered at least 20 hours with the Houston Holocaust
Museum on their project (20 year in the making), The Butterfly
Project. In this service project myself and a few other volunteers
would go around and educate young adults about what truly went on
during the holocaust, with a strong focus on the 1.5 million children
who were murdered. We created collaged butterflies based off poems we
found in the book I Never Saw another Butterfly Again. Once we
created the butterflies, we would hang them up on a clothing line,
and then one by one read out the poet’s names who were murdered vs
those who survived. When the student heard their poets name they had
to cut the string their butterfly hanged from, and let it fall to the
floor. It was a very heart felt and visual representation of this
tragedy. I loved being an ambassador for this powerful project, but
at time it was really challenging to talk about. Volunteering has
made me a stronger and more out spoken young women. It is so
satisfying to give those children whose lives were stolen a chance to
shine. To give others a constructive place to authentically learn
about the holocaust, and genocide in general was very powerful. I
have learned what it is to be a part of my community through
volunteering, and why community is so important. Without community
society is a mess. As I look forward into my future I definitely see
my actions as forward looking. Forward looking to me resembles the
act of seeing greatness in the future, and doing my part in creating
that greatness. I wish to devout my whole life to giving my time to
my community. My goal is create my own Non-profit that helps sustain
the environment while also building up the global community. That
being said coming back twenty years from now I would see the great
impact myself and others have made in our world by giving our time to
volunteering. Our activities make a difference by creating hope. Hope
in our communities, hope in the world. By cleaning up the
environment, educating our peers, and finding creative ways to solve
serious issues we are bound to make this world a better place, and
this is why I volunteer.

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