Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – You Can Always be Beneficial

Name: Alfredo Gonzales
From: Mission, Texas
Grade: 12
School: Sharyland High School
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My parents found it misleading that I would ever benefit from my
liking of dancing. I was almost persuaded into thinking that nothing
good would ever come out this hobby I had. However, I found my
opportunity once I discovered three fellow classmates that shared the
same passion. We joined together and called ourselves KUDOZ and later
that year performed for the school talent show. Once we made our
debut, we were given the chance to be part of a great cause. KUDOZ
would accept the offer to work for the local charity group of Dancers
Against Cancer, which was an organization that gathered dancers
across the Rio Grande Valley to perform for the public in order to
raise awareness and money for the cure for cancer. Our role was to
assemble a routine every week to later perform that weekend in hopes
of gaining some donations after the show. We would present ourselves
in various intermissions for churches, fashion shows, celebrations,
etc. The experience in providing entertainment for the audiences was
warming after realizing the enjoyment they were receiving.
Furthermore, the unexpected impact of influence we shared to young
adults and children labeled our campaign as a greater success in
providing both influence and raising money for charity. We spoke to
every venue about the importance of donations to boost the production
of research in order to create a cure for cancer for a better future
in healthy Americans. Show casing with Dancers Against Cancer allowed
us to meet new friends with fellow dancers and share information with
the public, which improved my communication skills greatly. The
organization would run for entire school year collecting money as we
continued to visit locations spreading our reason of visitation and
importance. By the end of May of that year we raised about $1,500 in
kindly donations. After concluding our campaign, it brought forward a
very important lesson to me. No matter what your hobby is, or
whatever it is you like to do, there’s always some way you can use
that skill to give back towards the community. Your desire for what
you love to pursue may just influence others along the way as well.
It makes the cliché, “never stop doing what you love” a truthful
statement, at least, I’m a believer once being able to have that
experience. I improved myself at being me, and not being hesitant for
volunteering my spare time for such a great cause was well worth it.

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