Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – You Can Always Make a Difference

Name: Brianna Vela
From: San Antonio, Texas
Grade: College Freshman
School: St. Mary's University
Votes: 0

One thing that I have always had a passion for is kids, so it is no
surprise that my area of volunteering is with my church youth group
and school.  I volunteer three days out of the week at New Life
Christian Academy Hybrid and once a month at the New Life Christian
Center Nursery.  This time totals to about 40 hours a month.
My responsibilities as a volunteer range from helping the kids with
homework to encouraging them to have faith in their Christian walk.
One of the biggest challenges that I have faced being a volunteer is
helping the children with the challenges that they face in their
everyday lives.  From bullying to relationships, the youth in
this generation go through a lot more than we think.
Encouraging the children to have faith that God has everything under
control and that they should continue with their journey with him is
one of the hardest things that I have helped them with.  One of
the most satisfying things is when talking to them all works out, and
I see them succeeding in the goals that they have set before
themselves.  In the end, I have learned that all kids need is
encouragement and someone to listen and support them for them to be
successful.  With all the negativity and violence in the world
today, the kids just need someone to guide them in the paths that
they need to be on.  They need to be encouraged to be
extraordinary and not just follow all of the people that are
considered “cool”. 

What does “forward-looking” mean to me?  It means that what I am
doing now is not only making a difference right now, but it is also
going to make a difference in the future. Yes, I would hope that
what I am doing now will impact the lives of the children that I am
helping. Even if I just make an impact on the life of one kid, I
still consider that to be a success. My biggest hope would be to
impact the lives of every child that I interact with, that what I do
would cause them to succeed. Of course what I am doing is not going
to be able to impact the entire world, but if every child that I help
would go on to help another child, maybe one day we would be able to
impact the world. If twenty or thirty years would go by, the impact
that I would hope to have is very simple. I would hope that the
children that I was able to help would become successful people, and
that they would be able to fulfill their dreams and have the lives
that they have always hope for. As for me, I would hope to be able
to continue impacting people’s lives through my career. I hope to
one day be a practice family law and continue to help children in

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