Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – You can Take so much from Giving Back

Name: Jayla Salter
From: Cleveland, Ohio
Votes: 11



at Gilmour Academy

Volunteering is very important no matter what you do. The area that I have
volunteered in is homelessness and the sick because I love to see
what I am doing and how it directly and immediately impacts a person.
In a year accomplish 40 hours, and in a month I do about 5 hours
depending on my schedule with school, work, and track. As a volunteer
with the homeless I make sure that all of the people are being
treated normally, and I give them food so that they have eaten
breakfast for the day. My biggest challenge being a volunteer is
seeing this people and not being able to give them a better
lifestyle. When volunteering it really kills me to see that people
have no home to live in and it forces me to change the way that I
live. Also, when volunteering with the sick, my biggest challenge is
growing close to them and then having to let them go once they pass
away. The most satisfaction I get as a volunteer is when I work with
the sick. When working with the sick, I am satisfied because I have
done a deed that these people cannot repay me for and that I am doing
my best to make the last days of these people’s lives the best
possible. As a volunteer, I have learned to be very thankful of the
life that I have and not take it for granted because in one day, it
can all be taken away from me. Volunteering has helped me with my
interest in the future because I want to be a defense attorney for
the state so that I am able to fight for the people who are not able
to afford a good lawyer. I plan to change the justice system so that
it is justice for all because poor people are one of the most people
targeted by the justice system. For my “forward looking” I plan
to go to Honduras next year on a mission trip so that I am able to
see the lifestyle of people from different up brings from me. Forward
looking means looking a little pass what you are doing currently. If
I cannot change the world I do plan to put a smile on more faces
while volunteering and letting them know that everything will be
fine. In 20 years from now, I would hope that some will remember me
and tell their kids about me one day.

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