Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – A Change is Coming

Name: Brianna Thomas
From: Detroit, Michigan
Grade: 11th
School: Cass Technical High School
Votes: 1

B. Thomas 2


Forward Scholarship


A Change is Coming

Volunteering to help others has been an eye-opener for me. For the almost a whole
year I have volunteered in almost every area in downtown Detroit.
From helping community based activities to feeding the homeless. I
exceeded my needed volunteer hours for high school, but seeing the
difference I can make by simply helping seems endless. I am a part of
a club in my school called build On, helping us students realize the
impact of service in our own communities. Because there are so many
members in the club  we sign-up and there is a random pick for who
can do it. Typically, the sign ups were no longer than 3-5 hours. The
one I remembered the most was volunteering at the Detroit
Neighborhood Service Organization. There I socialized and created art
work with homeless and adults with mental issues.

Then there was the National Honors Society, were I am required to tutor
once a week, and meet a certain amount of shifts each month to stay
in the club. Tutoring is an hour and the shifts range from 2- 5
hours, plus donations are made. I would say my hours per year is not
there yet to be averaged. Each week about one hour, each month about
10 hours. Each volunteer service varies each month. My most recent
ones were at the Winter Blast, Noah Bag Lunch Program, and C-STEM.
My responsibilities are usually to prepare the event or service, and
keep the service in an orderly fashion. Some of those duties include:
having food prepared, knowing where to go, and helping people where I
am needed.

My biggest challenge as a volunteer is being afraid to do something
wrong. I try to appease the people I help. Helping the homeless is
more of an emotional challenge, because I just want to know how to
help them all. My satisfaction as a volunteer is knowing I helped
someone, not for my own benefit, instead to change someone else’s
life. As a volunteer through many of the services I have learned that
someone always needs a helping hand, and a helping hand can change
how we view the world. I see myself forward looking as change maker.
Where no matter the positon I’m in giving back is needed.

I want to be a doctor, but not to swim in my own prosperity; instead
give others the fighting chance to be prosperous. Not just the
homeless; the people who try to involve the community in events and
programs. My achievements in the future will be dedicated to funding
my own global volunteer service net and others as well. It is not a
competition, it is an equal goal. When I look back I would remember
the faces that smiled, because they knew someone cared about them and
what they are trying to achieve. In the moment they met someone who
cared, it gave them hope.


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