Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Changing the World One Step at A Time

Name: Alizé Catlett
From: Radford University, Virginia
Grade: college freshman
School: Radford University
Votes: 98

I volunteer in mainly children related programs because my dream job is
to become a Pediatrician and I want to gain as much knowledge and
experience as I can from working with children. I also volunteer with
Empower House which is an organization provides free help to
survivors of domestic violence. Volunteering with Empower House is
also important to me because I have had family that has gone through
abuse and almost lose their life because of it so I can understand
how important it is for these individuals to get help. Homework Club
is an after school program where children of all ages come to receive
help with their homework or to study for tests. Girls Circle is where
other volunteers and myself that were in high school would inform
girls of their self-worth and we would talk about anything that was
bothering or even about what they should expect when they attend high
school. The main goal of Girls Circle was to let them know that we
were there if they needed someone to talk to about anything, the
empowerment of females, and to love yourself.

SOKS summer camp starts every year in July and is for children that live
in low income housing neighborhoods. I would supervise a group of
eight and nine-year-old children and after camp make sure they got
home safely. When we went on field trips to places such as the pool
and baseball games I would be in charge of watching them and make
sure they stay with the group. I have been volunteering at these
places since I was a freshman in high school and I am now in college
and I still come home to volunteer. In 2011 I started to volunteer
for Empower House, I donated canned goods, painted houses for the
survivors that were going to move in to them, and moved furniture.

My biggest challenge as a volunteer has to be with Empower House because
I met so many adults and children who were beaten and the stories
that they told were emotional to hear because I was able to relate to
them and some of them had lost children because of abuse which was
painful to hear. Hearing people tell me how much I am making a
difference in their lives has given me the most satisfaction.
Volunteering has taught me that small changes can make big impacts on
people’s lives. Forward looking to me means to begin planning for
the future, my volunteering activities are giving me experience and
knowledge to help me with my future. I hope to change the views of
individuals who believe that volunteering is just about donating but
in reality just by volunteering time and showing the we care can
impact someone’s life. If I were to come back decades later I
believe my volunteer activities would make a difference by making
changes in addressing the needs and problems in communities and to
encourage others to be more involved.

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