Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Circle Volunteering

Name: Kimberly Swedberg
From: North Pole, Alaska
Grade: 11
School: Raven Correspondence School
Votes: 0

During the summer of 2015, I volunteered at the radio station KJNP. KJNP is
located in North Pole, Alaska. All of the workers at KJNP are
full-time volunteers there. I chose to volunteer at KJNP because both
of my parents have been working there even before I was born. The
main job I worked on for KJNP was in a native village called Circle.
I worked around seven hours a day there helping my dad and a work
crew from Pennsylvania that came to Alaska to volunteer at KJNP for a

While I was in Circle for that week, I helped my dad work on two of the
buildings KJNP has there, along with helping some of the people on
the work crew from Pennsylvania. On one of the buildings, a log cabin
that I stayed at, I helped by handing things to my dad when he needed
them and taking pictures for some on the Pennsylvania work crew. On
the other building, the KJNP chapel in Circle, I helped my dad and
another person on the work crew fix some holes that were forming on
the chapel’s ceiling. I also cleaned the chapel’s benches and
windows. During the late afternoon of the last two days, I helped out
with a program that the work crew had for the kids living in Circle.
During the program there were four workshops that I helping bring
three kids through: games, crafts, and two workshops where they heard

The biggest challenge was living in a dry cabin with around eighteen
people. A dry cabin is a cabin without running water. There were also
no grocery stores nearby, so we needed to bring with all of our food,
dishes, and drinking water for that week. We also had to bring with
two outhouses to use. We had to go to the wash house to take showers
and to do laundry.

Although there was challenges it is satisfying to see all that was achieved
that week. At the chapel new steps were made, the roof was fixed, the
floor replaced, and the benches and windows cleaned. At the cabin I
stayed at the outside walls were waterproofed and trimmed. During the
program, the kids had a fun time that they will remember.

One of the things I wanted to do was to show love to the Circle Natives.
By helping in the children’s program I was able to show love to the
children. One of the ways I made a difference in Circle is the kids
who attended the program will remember the fun time they had there in
their future years. Looking forward to the future, when I return to
Circle in the future, some of the kids will remember me.

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