Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – My Community Outreach

Name: Oreoluwa Olaoye
From: douglasville, GA
Grade: 12th
School: Douglas county high school
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As a part of my school extracurricular activities, I have
been involved in the Family, Career and Community Leaders of
America(FCCLA) and the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). As
an FBLA team member I participated in all club events and also helped
recruit more members onto the team. In FCCLA I took on the role of
treasurer meaning I was responsible for keeping a record of all
chapter incomes, dues by members, and receipts. I assisted the
chapter manager in building a budget and carrying out fundraisers. I
have also been a part of my church’s community outreach program.
During which I cleaned, packaged and handed food to people in the
community for 3 hours every Sunday after church. Though I enjoyed all
the organizations I participated in, my church’s community outreach
is what has had the most impact on me.

Before I began the outreach I did not think much about those struggling in my own
community. Because of the comfortable life I live as a student in a
middle class household I never thought to actively go out and
interact with those who were struggling in the area. I also had my
own personal biases that I am not proud of against people in lower
income areas. That was something I felt I needed to change in order
to be not only a better person but also a better Christian. I decided
to make a change, which is why I entered the outreach. As I began to
branch out what stood out to me the most during my service was the
amount of homelessness and poverty surrounding my community. I
recognized that many people didn’t even have enough money to support
their families or food to sustain them. Often times I realized many
of these people never really get a chance to make a better life
because of lack of proper education, resources, and opportunities. In
order for me to realize this, I had to step out of my comfort zone.
The Outreach forced me to recognize my own privileges and how
fortunate I am.

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