Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Community Service

Name: Alexa Rae Davis
From: Central Point, Oregon
Grade: 12
School: Crater high school
Votes: 0

How I help my community first and for most is being a part of the
Missing Children Foundation. I have been a part of this foundation
for about 4 years now. I chose to be a part of this foundation
because helping parents bring their missing children home is a huge
part of helping people in need. How my family and I give back to this
foundation is putting children’s faces that are missing in every
establishment we, so that it is more likely that they will be found.
When being a part of a foundation like this and having the community
come together with other communities nation-wide is how we find the
missing children. The struggle of being a part of this foundation is
the wait for the loved one to be found. One of the hardest things to
do is wait and watch other families fall apart because one of their
children is missing and there is nothing else you can do to help. If
it wasn’t for all of the communities and everyone involved, this
foundation wouldn’t be possible. The greatest feeling about helping
with this foundation is the relief of the family when the child is
finally found and when trying your hardest pays off and is actually
enough. Being a part of this foundation has taught me a lot growing
up and this is why I love doing community service and chose to help
with the Missing Children Foundation.

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