Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Community Service is Important to Me

Name: Lauran Knott
From: lebanon, ky
Grade: 12
School: Marion County High School
Votes: 0

Giving back to the community is important because during your life
while you’re in school you take from the community. You live in your
parent’s house, you have a free education, and students sometimes get
things free or at a reduced price. We should strive to repay the
community for helping us survive until we reach adulthood. Giving
back helps people feel well about themselves, helping others allows
people to make the world just a little bit brighter in the dim times
we live in now.

If people give back to society, they know how difficult it might be
to get through life on so much money. They care about the
environment. They understand that this generation cannot just leave
the world for the next generation. That has been done too many times
already, hence the state of the world. We must strive to make a
difference today so tomorrow is more enjoyable. If we keep putting
this community work then the world is just going to keep falling into
disrepair and become such a dark and horrible world. People that
don’t participate in community service don’t realize that their
negligence damages everyone in their community.

I love reading and making music. My community service would involve
those types of activities either with small children or the elderly.
Young children may not always have the proper upbringing to fully
enjoy books and they may not have the opportunity to make music,
whether it’s through singing, or actively playing an instrument. I
would work with the elderly because I know they get lonely with their
spouse maybe not being alive and/or their children being grown and
too busy to visit them as often as they should. I want to help the
elderly because if someone just sits alone all day then they have no
reason to continue living.

The elderly have so many stories that no one will ever experience
again. World war 2, Vietnam war, the Great Depression (or knowing
people who first hand went through those events). They know so much
of the world before all the Internet, and I would want to help them
preserve those stories for future record. They are a part of history
and that speaks deeply to me.

I have not been able to have much community service during my high
school career but I want to change that. I have seen which way the
world is going and it scares me. I can only hope that it is not too
late for me to make a difference. Just knowing that I am making a
difference means the world to me. I want to change the world because
I am not happy with what is going on in the world, from the people
and how they act and live, to the environment and how it’s affecting
the animal populations. I feel like going to college will give me
more options to participate in community service than my little town.

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