Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – What community service means to me

Name: Kemuel Williams
From: Douglasville, Georgia
Grade: 12th
School: Douglas County High School
Votes: 8

Kemuel Williams

Forward Scholarship .

Community service is the best way to find out what kind of a person
someone is(besides essays), because it shows their character and
their ability to put aside the things going on in their lives to help
someone else . People go day after day only thinking about themselves
with this mentality that the world revolves around them, and fail to
realize that there are 7 billion other people in this world that are
not as fortunate as they are. Volunteer work can be a two-way street,
in the sense that not only are you helping people who really need it,
but you are also gaining leadership skills, making friends, and
making a difference in the world. With that being said, last year, I
went with my church to downtown Atlanta to do some volunteer work and
help the homeless. I had never actually experienced the so called
“homeless problem” that seems to be so big in Atlanta for
myself and wanted to witness it with my own eyes; therefore, last
year when my church was handing out a signup sheet that gave us the
opportunity to actually go down to Atlanta and do something for the
homeless, I jumped at the opportunity. Our church went to a soup
kitchen in downtown Atlanta to help serve the less fortunate. To see
how they lived and relied so heavily on the small portions that we
were allowed to serve them(to ensure that there was enough for
everyone) caused my whole view on my own life to change and showed me
just how fortunate I am to be able to have three meals a day, opposed
to barely even having one. Ever since that day I have never taken
anything for granted, whether it be small or large I remain grateful
and humble to have a place where I can come home to everyday, and be
able to choose what I want to eat instead of never knowing where my
next meal might come from. I can not even fathom the idea of going
from having a steady job with a family, to fending for scraps while
your children starve. Although, there are some members in the
homeless category who did not take full advantage of education, there
are some who did and just fell short during their travels and do not
seem to be able to recover.This is a road in which I do not mean to
travel, and to prevent myself from going down the wrong path I have
made education my main focus, and will pursue my goals in the
healthcare field up to and beyond my doctorate in physical therapy.

Furthermore, I have accumulated over 700 community service hours not only through
the Boys and girls club, but also through my church, Faith
Development Christian Ministries. I am currently involved in numerous
clubs/ programs that specialize in volunteer work including : Student
Government Association, Keystone Community Service Program, and the
Youth Against Violence Program. Through these programs i have been
able to conduct multiple projects to help the community, for example,
last year, my church and i hosted numerous coat drives and canned
food collections in which we donated all of the proceeds to the the
less fortunate. Although i have participated in many projects with my
church, that does not mean i have not conducted such programs with my
very own club. For example on the date of February 11th, 2016 the
Keystone Program and i went to a donation facility in Douglasville,
named “the pantry” where we assisted them with cleaning,
organizing, and distributing their products donated to them by
schools and other organizations to the less fortunate.

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