Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Community Superhero

Name: Kimberly Rasberry
From: Bloomfield, New Jersey
Grade: 12th
School: Bloomfield Tech
Votes: 0

Community service and
volunteering has always been apart of my life since I was 8 years
old. My mom always taught me that importance of giving back and
serving the community is not to benefit you but give to others who
are less fortunate. Helping the community and volunteering has given
me a sense of purpose that I can help make a difference in others
lives without expecting any thing back. Being satisfied with knowing
that one little act of kindness is able to make a huge impact on
someone lives and give that person a sense of hope that people
actually do care and aren’t always selfish. Learning how to serve
my community makes me feel more connected to the people around me. I
will dedicate all my free whenever and however, taking my talents and
putting them to use in my community as best as I can. Taking
pictures, feeding the homeless, giving clothes to those who don’t
have, reading to young children, anything that allows me to show my

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