Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Community Support

Name: Bailey Walker Fegan
From: Petaluma, California
Grade: Senior
School: Pepperdine University
Votes: 0


I was very skeptical initially
when I started to devote my time helping out those in need. I started
by helping out small organizations in order to become comfortable
with the idea of servicing in unfamiliar locations. During my
freshman year of high school my younger brother’s school has been
dealing with adversity financially. They were searching for ways to
make profit, and had decided to run a basketball camp over the
summer. I heard about their problems, and I contacted the principal
to inquire about volunteering as a camp counselor and instructor for
the children ages 5-14. I have continued to help coach for all 4
years, and have accumulated 120 service hours from my time there. I
have grown as a person from the basketball camps and become much more
patient and understanding of younger children. I feel very
comfortable volunteering my time at unfamiliar places, and I plan on
helping several organizations over this upcoming summer.

I have gone with my high
school class to St. Anthony’s mission in San Francisco that helps
feed, heal, clothe and shelter the people in need. I have also
participated in a cancer fundraising walk called “Relay For Life”,
and I have done service at my school as a mentor for a freshman
retreat. I have dedicated my time to the local baseball little league
by working at the snack shack as a volunteer. There are not a lot of
parents that volunteer as coaches for baseball and basketball in my
community, and I have dedicated myself to be an assistant coach for
my younger brothers teams. In total, I usually spend 45 hours a year
dedicated to community service. My biggest challenge as a volunteer
has been to be patient when working with people who are dealing with
adversity. The satisfaction of having people shake my hand or give me
a hug is like no other. I feel very accomplished when I am thanked
for my time, and I feel like I have grown as a person. My activities
help the community move forward, and it allows small companies to
thrive and grow. I want people to see others volunteering, and feel a
sense of obligation to give some of their time servicing others. I
feel like my volunteer hours will make a difference, and that when I
look back on them I will see how much I affected each individual
service group. I really enjoy supporting the community in any way I
can, and I plan on participating in some sort of voluntary service in

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