Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Core Values of Service

Name: Aaron Slifer
From: Williamsport, MD
Grade: Senior
School: Williamsport High School
Votes: 0

The core value of service above self has two big meanings to me –
helping those less fortunate and sharing knowledge.

Service above self gives me the opportunity to help others who are going
through tough times and are not as fortunate as myself. As a member
for Relay for Life, it brings me great satisfaction to know that I am
making a difference helping others in my community and across the
world win a battle that too many people have lost.

Service above self also means that I can spread the knowledge given to me to
others. As a second degree black belt at White Tiger Martial Arts I
get the opportunity to pass what I have learned down to other
students. These students are adults as well as children. Knowing
that I am making a difference in someone’s life and giving them
information that could possibly keep them out of harm’s way –
even saving their life – brings me a great deal of happiness.

The core value of service above self has impacted me to do things with me
life that has assisted and educated others. I want to obtain my
degree in Biochemistry and eventually earn my PhD. I plan to
continue to manifest these values in my life by doing lab research
and studying infectious diseases with the hope finding curses while
sharing the knowledge I have learned along the way.

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