Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Creating a Better Future for Children

Name: Natalie Louise Stewart
From: Noblesville, Indiana
Grade: senior
School: Fishers High School
Votes: 0


One thing I am very passionate about is helping children. Every
Sunday I volunteer at my church. I work with fourth and fifth grade
girls. Although I only volunteer a couple hours a week it has really
made a big impact on my life. This is not only a time where I share
the word of God (which is something else I am very passionate about)
with these students I also get insight into their lives. I take
prayer requests and it is my top priority to make sure every child
knows they are loved. I want to be a teacher in the future I want to
change lives of children. I want children to know that they are
special and loved in different ways. One reason I am so passionate
about helping children is because I know what it feels like to not
feel good about yourself as a child. As a child we had just moved and
I had to start at a new school which was very difficult for me. I
struggled internally with feelings of not feeling confident in my own
skin. There was a kid in my class who always used to make negative
comments about my weight. This truly destroyed any self-esteem I had
left. As I grew up and really started to deepen my relationship with
the Lord I realized that my body may never be perfect but the Lord
made me for a reason. This is when I realized that I should use my
experience to help teach other children that we are all made
different and we all are beautiful in different ways. Sometimes it
can be difficult to try and help children. Often times those who need
the most help resist it or fight you because they don’t understand
your true intentions. In the future I want to get involved with a
boys and girls club and really help kids. It is a goal of mine to
make every child know how loved they are by those around.
Volunteering with children really shows you how much as adults we
worry about making money to support our children which is important
but we can forget about the emotional needs of our children. I will
always look for new ways to be able to work with children from all
over the world. I am going on a mission trip this summer to teach
children about the gospel and I am beyond excited and honored to have
the ability to go and help children. If every child knew their value
we could truly change the future for generations to come. We would
no longer worry about outward things but we could focus on helping
others and bettering the world around us. We need to uplift each
other so that we can make a true difference in our children’s
future. I thank you for this opportunity and I hope that you will
consider me for this scholarship.

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