Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – A Creative Look Into The Future

Name: Kelly Jewell Bernard
From: Midlothian, VA
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A Creative Look Into The Future

Growing up with a family member with a mental illness and a harsh background
of communication, art helped me to discover ways to connect with
myself and helped me find a way to communicate with the world around
me. I chose to volunteer prominently in a youth art program at my
school because I want other people to have the same experience that I
had, with art, and to be able to express themselves and discover new
ways to collaborate and communicate within their community. I’ve
been involved in a youth art program since my sophomore year and as a
senior this year I had the opportunity to become a strong leader
within this art program. We have meetings to work out things to do
within the community once a month and have activities planned every
month for our community. My responsibilities, as a volunteer, is to
ensure that students ,within the school, are able to express their
art. Also so people within the community are able to interpret and
enjoy the art that our program had to offer. As a volunteer, I thrive
in to helping lead others into service work and find ways to go out
and spread art throughout the community. What gave me the most
satisfaction was being able to see people who started to consider art
as a way to branch generations or open up the minds of students to
think collaboratively and to express themselves. I learned that I can
take something I am passionate about and turn it into something that
could make a positive impact within my school and community.

I plan to attend an art school for college and take my art to a new
level. Eventually I would like to become an art therapist and learn
to incorporate art into a way for people ,who struggle with social
interaction, to use art as therapy. “ Forward looking” to me,
means take what I have accomplished now and apply that to my future
in a positive manner. My goal is to take the accomplishments I have
made, within high school, and carry those with me. Then expand on
this in college and take this opportunity and spread it throughout
other areas. What change I seek, considering my volunteering within
my school’s youth art program, is to be able to see others become
inspired and use art to communicate and to collaborate throughout
different cultures and generations. As my involvement ends, I have
seen so much change and so many more people wanting to volunteer as
well. In the near future I think that my involvement will have
significantly impacted the importance and fun of art. I plan to take
my artistic values and use them in a way to benefit society and
provide people a creative perspective on therapy and acceptance
within society.

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