Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – My days all around the town

Name: Adam Tyler Swanson
From: Myrtle Beach, SC
Grade: Senior
School: Academy for Arts, Science, and Technology
Votes: 0

Over the course of my
4 years in high school, my volunteer hours have accounted for well
over 1250 hours of my time. Volunteering is more than a act for me
but rather a way to give back. I have been very lucky in my life and
had a very nice childhood and many chances to succeed. I took all of
these chances and more, and I feel like giving my time to help offer
chances and hope to others is the least I can do. I work with a local
theater, a small and blossoming one to help produce and run
theatrical performances yearly. I often times work with the December
show of A Christmas Carol. This a non profit theater who is trying to
rise up and become something, and I feel for them and gladly
volunteer anywhere from 120-160 hours of my time during the 8 week
period of the run to help this show make it off the ground. This is
merely one small piece of the volunteering that I do. As of this year
one of my largest volunteering projects I have taken on is that of a
gentleman I was made aware of through one of my mothers friends. This
man was in a very serious and life threatening motorcycle accident.
As a result of his accident he has lost all of his lower left leg,
rendering him unable to do much work around the house, and as such he
has fallen into a bit of a stoop. I took it upon myself to go and
help him, weekly, to maintain and care for his house as well as
provide him a distraction from the tragedy. I mow and maintain the
lawn every other week, and take on the larger projects he cant do
such as cleaning the pool, repairing things, and moving large objects
as needed to make his life easier. I find happiness knowing that my
abilities are being put to use for a man who without my help wouldn’t
be able to live his normal life and carry on as he is. I truly love
volunteering and the joy it brings me to see that my efforts and time
bring other people joy and helps them truly is what makes it all
worth it for me. I do find myself having trouble with spreading
myself to thin in my tasks, but I always find a way to work through
it in the end. I have learned so much, but I think my biggest lesson
I take away from all my time spent is NEVER take ANYTHING for
granted, because someone somewhere is worse off than you, and you
should be thankful for everything you have. All the time I have spent
volunteering has taught me so many life skills, from things I can use
on the job like time management and skills with money, to life
lessons like humility and perseverance. I want to make other peoples
lives easier for them, and allow others to live a better life as a
whole, and I truly feel my efforts on the matters I act on do make a
difference. If I were to look back on my time spent, I truly feel
that my time was not wasted ever. Even if the effect wasn’t profound,
it meant something to someone, and that will always be enough for me.

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