Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – The Destitution of Charity

Name: Yeshua James Shamblen
From: Kansas City, Missouri
Grade: Junior
School: The Plaza Academy
Votes: 0

My experience with
volunteering in my life have always been disheartening. When I was
tasked with finding a charitable organization, to assist in their
efforts, I attended to the service of a local church which required
my help in distributing food to homeless and poverty stricken
individuals. When I attended I thought I was going to help prepare
food for the homeless, but instead of helping the other cooks I found
that I was one of three volunteers to show up. We were the only ones
to arrive at the church; all the other volunteers had given up with
helping the church’s service to the poor. The only thing we could
do for the destitute travelers that came into our door was to give
them paper sacks with notes and food. The food wasn’t much, usually
a pre-packaged sandwich with some small snack items. The notes that
we put into the paper sacks contained prayers written by children,
hoping that whoever received the prayer would be better off. Even
those prayers seemed to dwindle as the contributions that the church
relied upon stopped coming. Eventually the church had to put an end
to its charity program. It was sad really; I had hoped to make a
difference by working at a small, independent charity, but I realized
that such an organization could only last as long as there were those
in the community that cared for their neighbor. I was ashamed that I
couldn’t do anything to prolong the functionality of the
organization; the only thing I could do was watch as the charity
closed down. Feeling this sadness is one of many motivations for
writing this essay, as a final hope for acquiring some means of
assisting my community. I pray that my hope will be answered, and
that I can make a lasting impression upon the people of America, to
be more charitable to one another, and to remember your neighbor in
the time of his affliction.

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