Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Determination

Name: Rajandeep Kaur
From: San Jose, California
Grade: 12
School: Mt. Pleasant High School
Votes: 0

The world we live in today is not ideal. Rather than striving forward, individuals within our generation give up in a matter of seconds. There is no sense of determination. They fear the hard work that comes with a successful life, which is why many people end up living a life with harsh circumstances. It is truly a sad sight to see people waste away their potential. Though there are some individuals that are not afraid of hard work, rather they overcome the obstacles. These are the people that make it big in the world, occupying the positions of doctors and engineers, which is why it is such a pleasant feeling to see individuals who yearn for success. It is such a pleasure to know that the world will have people to rely on.

It is for this reason that I try my best to be a part of the greater influence. My goal in life is to be an individual that will help change the world around me. I do not want to be the person that is full of regrets. I know that success is the only way to go and failure isn’t an option. It is because of this mindset that I stay determined and have kept myself motivated throughout my high school career.

Coming into high school as a freshman, the world was new to me. All I knew about high school was what my family had told me; what they said was never positive. When I heard these stories, I was intimidated. I had no idea what to expect, and many of my peers were unsure of whether I could handle it due to my timid personality. This is why I made it my goal to be a successful high school student and prove everybody wrong. I pushed the fear into the back of my mind and stepped into
school with that goal in mind.

It was from the first day that I began this journey. I started off by enrolling in the honors courses that were offered and joining academic clubs, such as MESA, which is a club that explores STEM fields. I continued with this routine for the upcoming years, taking multiple AP classes and being placed in higher math courses. I became an officer in MESA and now I am president. I was never forced to do any of this, but the challenge was something I wanted to face. I knew that this would be the only way to make it somewhere because going to public school already makes competing more difficult. By taking these
classes, I was able to put myself in a higher ranking. I was
determined to do everything I could to succeed.

Many of my peers wondered why I took so much time and effort to deal with academics and I would tell them that it’s the only way to succeed. I tried my best to motivate my friends as well, hoping that they too would see this challenge in an optimistic view. I wanted to start influencing at an earlier age, hoping that my motivation and drive would help the people I care about.

As of today, I have a greater determination than when I started. The end of my high school career is nearing and I’ve seen many people losing hope. I always keep in mind that this is something I don’t want for myself. This is why I am proud of my determination and continue to persist through my high school career; I hope to have the opportunity to make the most of my abilities.


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