Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – I dont even care

Name: Katelyn Cox
From: New Holland, Pennsylvania
Grade: Senior
School: Pequea Valley High School
Votes: 0

I have always been an ambitious person. In first grade, while my peers
were drawing stick figures of their families, I was attempting to
recreate “Starry Night” by Van Gogh. Needless to say, it ended
up a swirly blob of blue crayon residue. I have always done my best
at whatever I set out to do. I am working hard now in and out of
school so I can be prepared for whatever life throws my way. I am
taking steps to be successful in my career, and to nurture
relationships that will position me for success in the future.

I am involved in many music clubs in my school, including Choir,
Concert Band, Jazz Band, plays, musicals and the Marching Band. I am
also involved in Chamber Singers, which is a small group of elite
vocalists that compete nationally. However, my focus is not just
aimed on musical clubs. I am involved in my school’s suicide
prevention club called Aevidum. This organization is very important
to me because two years ago, a sixth grade boy, the brother of a
friend, committed suicide. He was a smart kid, and no one knew about
his depression. I work with Aevidum so no student feels alone and so
everyone has an outlet to express his or her feelings and emotions.
They know that they have a support system if they need it. I am also
a member of Peer Helpers, a group in my school that aims to help the
community and raise school spirit. This last year I was a part of
‘Prom Promise,’ where the members make the student body aware of
the dangers of drinking and driving, especially after prom. In
addition, I am a member of the American Field Society. We participate
in clothing drives for the homeless shelters, and I frequently
volunteer at the once-a-week breakfast for the homeless. Link Crew is
another club I am involved in. We show the incoming freshman around
the school, and help them navigate the difficulties of high school. I
am also involved in many out of school volunteer organizations.

My out of school volunteer activities include working at the local
library during the holidays. In addition, I volunteer at the
retirement community center. We meet once a week and entertain the
tenants by playing board games, socializing and general interactions.
Most of these tenants are lonely, and looking for someone to talk to.
They take comfort from our presence. I also have a job at a locally
owned grocery store. I am a cashier, and my job has allowed me to
develop important work-place relationships, and has taught me
responsibility, dedication, and work ethic. I am dedicated to what I
believe in, and I love to help people. I was able to juggle two AP
classes, Honors curriculum, and numerous clubs and activities, all
while maintaining a high GPA. Managing all these academic and
extracurricular activates has taught me important time management
skills. These clubs and organizations have helped me gain
connections, responsibility, time management, and compassion for
other people. These academic and extracurricular activities have
helped prepare me for a successful future, and will help me to
achieve my life goals.

A huge lifetime goal of mine is to be happy in my chosen profession
while being financially stable. I want to find a career that I enjoy,
and look forward to everyday. My volunteer work, participation in
community service, and academic clubs has made me a caring and giving
person. These life skills along with a quality education will allow
me to be successful in my chosen career, and allow me to paint my own
“Starry Night,” one brush stroke at a time.

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