Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – My Experience in volunteering

Name: Jonathan Pruzik
From: Lakeland, Florida
Grade: 12
School: Polk State Collegiate
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Jonathan Pruzik


My Experience in Volunteering

I did multiple forms of community service from picking up trash in the
neighborhood to tutoring my fellow classmates in math. The two main
volunteering jobs I did were working at the library and
teacher/faculty assistance. While these two jobs were very similar,
they had some distinct differences.

The teacher/faculty assistance is the one I did first, so I was getting
used to working without a reward that wasn’t a mandatory chore. My
responsibilities varied because I volunteered with different people
and at different times. When I volunteered with my math teacher, my
job was to tutor my fellow students that were struggling and to
straighten/ clean up the classroom at the end of the day everyday.
When I volunteered with one of my schools faculty members, my job was
to sort things and prepare the new items which happened on and off
through the year. An example of my experience when volunteering with
my schools faculty member would be when the school got a shipment of
new calculators and she called me in to open them all and also label
them. Volunteering at my school taught me that being a teacher or
faculty member can be really hard.

I volunteered at the library after I passed my math class. At the
library I had to have a minimum of two hours each week, so since I
had all advanced classes, I had a hard time getting in the hours and
study time. I managed to get the two hours in each week. My duties at
the library were to straighten, organize, and shelf books and movies.
The library taught me to keep a good schedule and that little things
can have big impact.

While most people can claim that volunteering is hard and doesn’t give you
anything in return, in all actuality people get more out of
volunteering than many people realize. Most of my community service
hours I have done haven’t been counted by my school because they were
done in another state or I lost the paper with my volunteer records
on it, but I did learn everything there was to learn from the service
like the biggest challenge of doing community service is not the act
of doing the service, but instead to motivate yourself to do the
service without seeking a reward is the biggest challenge. This all
leads up to me and everyone who does volunteer becoming a better
person. My greatest satisfaction is knowing I helped make a
difference and made other people’s lives easier. Volunteering has
taught me all these things, and volunteering is something I am proud
to say that I did.

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