Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – My Experience

Name: Elizabeth Enriquez
From: los angeles, CA
Grade: 12th
School: bright star secondary charter academy
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During my years in high school, I have done a lot of volunteering in
many different places. One of my favorite things was helping out in
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where I had the chance to help and
spend time with children battling cancer. I love working with
children, and try my best to make a difference in my community in
ways that go beyond donating money and items.

I was required to
complete a total of 50 service hours as a graduation requirement at
my still. Previously, I only volunteered in places such as the local
library or the pawn shop. However, even after I was finished with my
service hours, I heard about this great opportunity where I would be
able to work with cancer patients, and having family members who died
from cancer, I was inspired to take this step in life by making
children have a more peaceful time in such a scary place, the

My responsibilities as a volunteer were to read the children some books,
help bring any equipment to rooms, clean up around the place, and so
forth. My biggest challenge as a volunteer was watching these
children go through pain , which in many cases, only worsens over
time. Being a very emotional person, there were days where I would
break down and have to exit the building because I was frustrated and
felt too overwhelmed. But this helped me grow as a person, because
now I learn to appreciate life and everything I have around me.

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