Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Eyes Open

Name: Brianna Boggs
From: Denver, CO
Grade: Freshman
School: Spelman College
Votes: 0

My college requires all first year students to complete 8 hours or
community service by the end of the spring semester. During high
school I was never really interested into volunteering; I knew it
would look good on your resume but it had no personal importance to
me. When I was told that my school required community service I was
not pleased what so ever and I just wanted to get the hours over with
to fulfill the requirement. I ended up volunteering at two sites,
Books for Africa and another site that I really enjoyed was with a
youth program that was based out of a church called, Project Karma. I
volunteered for four hours preparing the church for their Easter
event. I filled Easter eggs with candy and affirmations, decorated
spaces, and set up tables. My biggest challenge was learning that the
neighborhood I was volunteering in was ranked as the 9
dangerous neighborhood in the world. This news is what also gave me
the most satisfaction; I felt like my service was actually helping
the children in the neighborhood. I learned that this program is for
grief support form gang violence and the Easter event was a time for
the community to come together and celebrate the resurrection of
Jesus and honoring the lives of their loved ones. After my service I
felt amazing, like I actually helped someone other than myself. I
will continue to volunteer at Project Karma to give back to their
community and liberate myself from my selfish ways. I hope to
eventually obtain my PhD in psychology and with my degree create more
programs for low income communities, dark skin black girls, and the
black community as a whole to promote the importance and need for
mental health awareness.

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