Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Feed My Sheep

Name: Kimberly Simmons
From: San Antonio, TX
Grade: 11
School: School of Science and Technology
Votes: 0

My Sheep: John 21:17

My name is Kimberly Simmons and I was the 2014 Miss Teen Sweetheart
of Texas. As written in Hebrews 13:16, “Do not neglect to do good,
and to share what you have. For such Sacrifices are pleasing to God”.
Giving all honor and glory to God, I was crowned as Queen on Sunday,
February 16th 2014.This was my first time entering a
pageant, and I’m proud that this is the one I chose. The Miss Heart
of the USA Organization is not centered around just the beauty or
talent of their participants, but their willingness to be a part of
something that will help the greater good of our community. We
strive to help feed the hungry and assist our local organizations in
providing for soup kitchens and food drives. This organization also
provides scholarships for the young ladies who put the most effort in
the categories of community service, being a spokes model, and making
appearances to educate people about our cause. The highest honor you
can receive in this program is Queen of Hearts, which is the
individual who raises the highest amount of non-perishable items to
be donated to a food pantry within her community and reign. This is
my passion, and I couldn’t be more honored than to be involved in
such a beautiful program. My reign is over now but I still am
committed to feeding the hungry. Even though I did not win the
scholarship in the pageant it was worth all the hard work and 100
plus hours it took on my food drives. It will be an experience I
carry with me always.

I chose feeding the hungry to be my way of giving back. When I was
young child I would go with my family down to the soup kitchen and
volunteer to help serve food. I saw it was all ages that needed help.
My responsibilities as a volunteer included start to finish on
projects. I had to plan, organize, make contacts, distribute cans,
make appearances in my crown and being there for the food drives,
taking the food to the San Antonio Food Bank and returning the cans.
I also have worked with my church and The San Antonio Food Bank as
our church is used a distribution center once a month. This is where
we make food boxes and have needy families pick up boxes. I also help
my father with his Meals on Wheels route to help feed the elderly. I
usually volunteer about 10 hours per month. My biggest challenge is
time as I have 5 AP classes in school. I will always find the time to
keep on giving of myself in this area as it fills my heart with joy
to know I’m helping someone with a meal and I’m following the
word of the Lord ,” Feed my people.”I’ve learned to really
organization skills.

I know when I graduate college as a doctor, I will be able to give good
advice and I will continue to do my volunteer work as it means a lot
to me. You do not know how high you can soar until you spread your
wings and fly.

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